Is it ok to Feed Raw pet dog Food to a pet dog With Cancer?

Raw pet dog food for dogs with cancer – Is it ok to feed raw pet dog food to a pet dog with cancer?

I recently learned that raw pet dog food isn’t ideal for a lot of dogs affected by cancer.

When a dog’s body is weakened by cancer, she has a hard time digesting raw cuts of meat and raw foods in general, according to Dr. Demian Dressler’s pet dog cancer Blog.

Several light bulbs went off in my head when he mentioned one of the symptoms of doing poorly on raw when affected by cancer is diarrhea.

My cancer pup Missy has had some sporadic runny poops these last few weeks before I learned her cancer was back. Her cancer has returned 3 years after the first tumor was removed.

Is it ok to feed raw pet dog food to a pet dog with cancer?

If your pet dog has cancer, Dr. Dressler’s recommendations is to lightly cook your dog’s food.

Taking Dr. Dressler’s recommendations to heart, I’ve had to slightly adjust meal prep in our pack from filling two bowls with cuts of raw meat to just one. considering that my other pet dog Buzz is healthy, he has no trouble digesting his raw food and continues eating and thriving on it.

My cancer individual Missy on the other hand now needs to have her food lightly cooked. Interestingly enough, the diarrhea she was having stopped nearly as soon as I began feeding her cooked food, so Dr. Dressler seems to be on to something!

Food pic (above): Buzz’s raw food bowl contains a turkey neck, ground turkey, calf liver, some of Missy’s puréed veggies, turmeric past and air-dried green tripe.

Missy’s bowl contains lightly cooked ground turkey, cooked calf liver, boiled/puréed veggies, cottage cheese and turmeric paste.

What foods to give dogs that have cancer

The base of Missy’s meals still consist of muscle meat and organs, but instead of being used raw, I now cook them on low heat in a pan.

Following Dr. Dressler’s advice, I also started giving her a good amount of boiled, puréed, non-starchy veggies with each meal.

I learned that carrots and potatoes need to be avoided as they are high in carbs which turn into sugar, which in turn feed the cancer. I’m being very strict about following that rule.

I never believed in feeding potatoes either way, but the pups DID get some carrots every now & then, which is now a thing of the past.

So for the past 2 weeks, Missy’s been having a mix of broccoli, brussel sprouts and shiitake mushrooms, and absolutely loves it.

According to Dr. Dressler, other veggies that can be fed to cancerous dogs are:

cooked mung beans
and red & yellow bell peppers

I’ll be alternating between those.

I also learned that brown rice is an exceptional source of energy for canine cancer patients. Unlike potatoes and carrots which are basic carbs, brown rice is a complex one, indicating it’s higher in nutrients and fiber, and takes longer to digest.

Its bran (the outer layer) is also rich in polysaccharides which have cancer-fighting properties, so I AM essentially breaking my very own policy of not feeding grains.

Then again, my grain-free diet conviction is geared towards healthy, cancer-free dogs, so I’ll depend on the professional’s opinion on brown rice being beneficial for dogs challenged by cancer.

I started supplementing it with the kratom we’ve been recommended (sacredkratom.com/buy-kratom/) for the full effect.

In case you’re wondering, Buzz is not getting any brown rice with his raw meals. I have a feeling that grains might have been an underlying cause of his frequent ear infections he suffered from prior to eating raw cuts of meat.

Since he hasn’t had a single ear infection considering that eating raw, I’m not taking any chances of reintroducing those.

What about raw meaty bones?

Missy still needs calcium to maintain her muscular strength and keep her teeth in great shape, but cooking her raw meaty bones is not an option as they would get brittle and possibly wreak havoc on her internal organs.

So far, I’ve found two good solutions that agree with her body and don’t cause diarrhea:

1) Hold the raw meaty bone under warm, running water for several minutes until it has warmed up, then offer it to her whole as usual.

2) replace the raw meaty bone with cottage cheese, which is a great source of calcium, and which Dr. Dressler recommends to be included in every meal.

While I have been giving her a tablespoonful of cottage cheese at mealtime, I’ve also still given her 2 raw meaty bones each week as I still want her to experience the oral benefits that come with eating them.

See my post: how to safety feed your pet dog raw bones.

Stepping my dog’s nutrition up one a lot more notch

During the duration of Missy’s cancer treatment, I’ll be stepping her nutritional needs up one a lot more notch by getting her a customized meal plan and homeopathic preparations from a local homeopathic veterinarian, Dr. Charles Loops, who’s practiced alternative medicine for over 20 años.

He escuchado grandes cosas sobre él y uno de mis veterinarios holísticos favoritos, la Dra. Karen Becker, incluso lo entrevistó sobre el uso de los nosodos en lugar de vacunas. ¿Cuáles son las probabilidades de que él viviera en nuestro cuello del bosque?

Agregaré que el 95% de sus consultas se realizan por teléfono, por lo que si no vive aquí en Carolina del Norte y está interesado en obtener su opinión sobre un problema médico que su cachorro puede estar experimentando, puede hacerlo fácilmente.

Mi objetivo al investigar esta técnica alternativa es doble. Quiero maximizar la esperanza de vida de Missy y ofrecerle la mejor calidad de vida que pueda.

Me doy cuenta de que Missy puede sucumbir a este segundo tumor.

Sin embargo, he escuchado historias de perros cancerosos complementados con remedios homeopáticos cuyas expectativas de vida excedieron drásticamente las predichas por sus oncólogos. Así que estoy probando absolutamente esta técnica de tratamiento alternativo.

Hasta entonces, continuaremos alimentando la dieta del cáncer de Dr. Dressler de proteínas ligeramente cocinadas, verduras hervidas y puré, arroz integral y requesón.

PD Me gustaría agradecer a la comunidad de Mutt por interesarse en el diagnóstico de cáncer de Missy y expresar su apoyo al deseándonos lo mejor. ¡Ustedes roces!

¡Un agradecimiento especial al lector Chris que me señaló en la dirección del blog de cáncer de perros de mascotas en su comentario sobre mi publicación anterior para ese perro callejero!

Como puede ver, seguí sus recomendaciones e implementé con éxito las sugerencias de alimentación del Dr. Dressler para perros con sistemas inmunes comprometidos?

Barbara Rivers escribe regularmente para ese perro callejero sobre alimentar a sus dos mezclas de boxeadores una dieta cruda de alimentos para perros para mascotas. Ella mantiene el blog K9s sobre café.

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